Top 10 Bars In The Fashion District

If partying is on the docket for you (it is peak party season in Toronto after all, with Christmas coming up quick!), check out our list of the 10 best bars in Toronto’s Fashion District. Seriously, the Fashion District is the new Entertainment District, with most of the cool bars and nightclubs moving west. Got your own picks for the best?

This great bar at 589 King West is home to some fantastic burgers and some reasonable prices. This is definitely the place to go for the casual atmosphere and ability to blow off some steam. This awesome Asian Fusion joint is at 499 King West and has some absolutely fantastic sushi. The vibe is good and the decorations are very welcoming.

  • The Calvin Bar
  • If you don’t like your hotel,
  • Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6
  • Mile Super 8 Hotel Downtown
  • Mile Omni King Edward Hotel
  • Queen St. West/798 Queen St. East

Try the duck, sit back, relax and have a great time! Also on King, at 391, is this great, all-Canadian joint that caters to all kinds of tastes until well into the night. If you want some great craft beer at a place that’s open until 2am, then Bar Hop’s the place for you.

This great Asian fusion/Pub style venue is located at 181 Bathurst and is open late, like Bar Hop, and is perfect for a casual date night or a night out with friends. This super glamorous location at 303 King has great options for both delicious food and fantastic drinks. Their rooftop patio is lovely in the summertime and Hush provides an all-encompassing, great experience.

Located at 455 King, this is definitely the place to go if you’re looking to impress yourself or someone important to you. The food is perfection and the drinks are masterfully constructed. This fantastic spot, built in 1891 at 520 Wellington street and still going strong, is home to some great, moderately-priced food and drink, and the pub food here will have you coming back for more.

This glamorous, yet casual location at 522 King has just about everything you could want in a late-night, downtown locale. Its awesome patio and relaxed atmosphere encourage a great time no matter what you’re celebrating. This fantastic British pub at 212 King is everything you could want in a place for that soulful, English comfort food.

Retail shop: No. Drink on site, or at a few bars around town.

There, the brewing team cranks out one hectolitre (about 2/3 of a keg) at a time. While they’re not necessarily the best beers available at Volo, the House Ales are certainly the freshest. The lineup rotates almost as quickly as they can make them. Retail shop: No. Drink on site, or at a few bars around town. Don’t miss: Whatever they’ve got on.

While many of the initial offerings when they opened in 2012 were high alcohol hop bombs, Indie’s range has broadened significantly. The hop bombs are still there, but there are also rich, malty treats like their “Breakfast Porter” and tart, Belgian style sour ales like Spadina Monkey.

If you ask nicely, you might also get to see their barrel-aging room downstairs. Don’t miss: Breakfast Porter, Spadina Monkey Sour Ale, CP Double IPA (they’ll know which one you mean, but I’m not spelling it out in a family newspaper). lounge