5 Fat Burning Foods that work

The biggest misconception of the dieters is that they think food is the biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss which isn’t true, many diets like The Caveman Diet take advantage of great food while maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, it has been proved that certain foods actually rev up the metabolism rate and enables the body to burn the fat at a much faster rate. If you want to get rid of the unwanted fat in double quick time then you need to add the following five foods to your diet. These popular foods have been scientifically proven to increase the metabolism rate, cut cholesterol and limit the amount of fats that the cells absorb. If you have these 5 super foods then you may not need to do dieting again in your life!


1) Berries

The strawberries and the red raspberries are fibre-rich fruits which provide just 50 calories per cup. They are also one of those food items which are very rich in antioxidants. Researchers have proved that berries contain certain flavonoids that increase the production of a hormone called adiponectin which helps in the process of fat burning. In addition, eating strawberries with meals helps to stabilize the blood glucose level and decreases LDL cholesterol. You can use berries as toppings on cereals and yogurt or have them as a treat.

2) Eggs

A protein-rich breakfast is highly essential to control hunger and to combat cravings throughout the day. A large egg provides around 6 gm of protein and only 70 calories. If you are looking to cut back on calories then you can egg white only which has 30 calories and only 305 gm of protein. The studies have shown that people who eat more protein at the start of the day tends to lose more weight, felt less hungry and were very satisfied with their diet. If you eat egg breakfast instead of bagel breakfast, you are likely to lose 65% more belly fat. To make the meal tastier, you may have eggs poached in tomato sauce with loads of onions and peppers.

3) Greek Yogurt

The non fat plain Greek yogurt is the one of the most diet-friendly foods available in the market today. The Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein present inn regular yogurt but has very little sugar. If you include at least 24 oz of fat free yogurt in your regular meal plan, you will shed at least 81% more belly fat. If you do not like the taste of Greek yogurt, you can have it with Blueberry sauce to make it tastier. It must be noted here that flavoured yogurts are readily available in supermarkets and you may feel tempted to have those. However, do stay away from them as they contain extra sugars and will do more harm than good.

4) Green & Oolong Tea

Coffee is a known metabolic booster but tea offers a double advantage – the caffeine and the catechins in the tea help to rev up the metabolism rate and boost the process of fat burning. Tea is totally free from calories but rich in antioxidants. So when you are having tea instead of sugary beverages, you will get an extra diet advantage. For the best results, one must have green or oolong tea several times a day. One can add fresh herbs to iced or hot green tea to make it more refreshing.

5) In-shell Pistachios

This type of pistachios are considered to be a great source of protein but the level of calories is very low. They have only 6 gm of protein/oz and 100 calories per 30 nuts. The researches have stated that eating these will result in less calorie consumption (41% less) compared to those who prefer to eat the nuts which had been shelled. The main logic is that the shell of the nuts tricks the brain into thinking that a person have eaten more nuts than he actually has. So one must keep a pouch of these unshelled nuts at home if you are keen on having a satisfying snack.

The above-mentioned 5 foods are the best when it comes to fat burning but there are some other food items which deserve a special mention as they too aid in reducing weight and getting rid of the stubborn belly fat. Some of these food items are spicy foods like jalapenos, chillies and red pepper, apples, oats, lean meats and peanut butter. However, having these foods alone may not give you the desired results. Regular exercise and on-time meals are also very important for a good metabolism rate and to rev up the process of fat burning.


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